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Dental Implants Mclean Va

Dental Implants Mclean Va

Today's dentistry offers many options for replacing missing teeth. If you’ve lost one or more teeth and are looking into replacement options, it’s essential that you carefully assess what is available before making a decision. Scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist is one of the best ways to have all of your questions answered while you are considering which all of the information provided.

Why Choose Dental Implants in McLean, VA?

Of all methods for replacing missing teeth, implants are most like your natural teeth. Implant teeth are solidly attached to the bone in your jaw, secured like your natural teeth so that they won’t slip. Patients with implants can eat the foods they love, talk with greater confidence, and smile without worry that teeth will shift or move.
For your investment, dental implants offer the best value; in fact, implants are made to last a lifetime- and with proper care, you should not expect to experience any problems with them over the years. Dentures and bridgework occasionally require replacement or modifications as the patient ages; however, implants do not.

Additional Benefits of Dental Implants in McLean, VA:

Our staff at McLean Dental Care prefers implants over other methods of replacing teeth because they are safer for adjacent teeth. Teeth on either side of bridgework will typically weaken over time since they are tasked with the job of providing support to the dental bridge. Significant wear over time can cause teeth to decay or create the need for expensive restorative dental care.
Implants do not require support from adjacent teeth. Best of all, they need no additional care when compared with your natural teeth. Simply brush and floss them daily along with your teeth. In a short amount of time, you’ll most likely forget you have implants.

There Are Consequences of Ignoring Missing Teeth

It surprises a lot of people to learn that teeth adjacent to missing teeth can start to shift over time, changing their bite and making it uncomfortable to chew. Many people experience jaw joint pain, which is referred to as TMJ. You can avoid the financial and physical costs that are related to missing teeth by seeing our staff at McLean Dental Care early on after losing one or more teeth.
Following a thorough assessment of your bite, we’ll provide you with options in restoring your smile. While most patients are interested in hearing the most affordable way to replace missing teeth, we like to remind our patients that cost does not always represent the best value. Dental Implants in McLean, VA do cost a little more than other methods of replacement; however, they’ll outlast any other type of dental prosthesis.
Don’t worry- we’ll help you make the best decision for your individual needs and your budget. Feel free to schedule a consultation with our staff by calling our office or through the ‘Appointment Request’ link on our website.

Dental Implants Mclean Va
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Dental Implants Mclean Va
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