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Florida family doctor

Where can you find a primary care Florida family doctor? The doctors at Meridian Integrative Wellness are industry-leading practitioners with multidisciplinary expertise. Our team will immediately get to the root of your health concern and provide appropriate treatment. How do I find a doctor in Florida?

Patient-oriented family doctors

Your family doctor should be that trusted source you go to for expert healthcare solutions and advice. At our primary care clinics, you will receive the highest level of treatment from our board-certified Florida family medicine doctors. We emphasize an integrative results-oriented treatment approach.

Our team wants to help you heal and maintain optimal health, no matter your age. How do we guarantee quality primary care outcomes? With years of invaluable hands-on experience in the field as family medicine specialists, our top physicians value patient education. In that, we are arming you with information so that you can play an active role in the recovery process. What is more, these tips will come in handy should you face similar health challenges in the future.

Professional primary care service

When selecting a primary care center, you want to ensure you receive the highest standard of treatment possible. With our team, you'll be in good hands because our specialized family doctors near Orlando, FL, are reliable and knowledgeable. Plus, our practitioners are passionate about what they do and want nothing but to help our patients achieve their healthcare goals.

With 12+ years of collective field experience in clinical care settings, our practitioners are trustworthy, pragmatic experts. We are excellent communicators, a quality that allows us to be precise and accurate. Whether you need a routine health check, guidance, or same-day urgent care, we are here to assist you.

Primary care issues

Do you suspect the flu? Primary healthcare covers a broad spectrum of conditions and provides prompt medical care solutions. Here are some of the general healthcare concerns we treat at our Florida medical clinic:

  • Auto injuries - Our family doctors can treat your car accident-related injuries. A sampling includes concussions, whiplash, shoulder/back/knee/neck pain, and seat belt burns.
  • Women’s health services - Do you need a pelvic exam, contraceptives, urinary tract infection advice, menopause care management, or routine obstetrics? Our preeminent family care practitioners specialize in all these services and more.
  • Illness treatment - You can visit our primary and urgent healthcare clinic if you have a stubborn cold, the flu, or feel unwell. Our team will exam, evaluate, diagnose, and treat your condition immediately.
  • Adult medicine - If you have hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or similar chronic health conditions, our skilled family care physicians offer primary and urgent healthcare solutions.
  • Non-critical injuries - Did you cut yourself by accident? Our urgent care/primary healthcare clinic provides same-day treatment for various non-life-threatening emergencies such as sports injuries, bruises, broken bones, cuts, and more.
  • Physical exams - Do you need routine health check-ups, DOT exams, employment or immigration medicals or want to check your status? Our top of the line full-service clinics provides quality healthcare services to meet your medical needs.

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