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Mental Health Facilities Utah

Mental Health Facilities Utah

Maple Mountain Recovery is one of the best mental health facilities in Utah, with several reviews to vouch for the quality of our psychiatric services. With a skilled team of mental healthcare experts, we provide treatment to our patients in a safe and supportive environment.

Top reasons to choose our mental health treatment center

We are a top-rated mental health treatment facility with a highly skilled team of psychiatrists, therapists, and other clinical staff. We create a customized treatment plan for each of our patients and use it to monitor patients’ progress in recovery.

Our facility’s location plays an integral role in patient recovery. The serenity of our facility’s location offers a comforting and relaxing ambiance for patients, where they do not feel triggered or stressed. Our staff members work closely with each of our patients and offer round the clock medical care and support. Our high-end amenities like dry sauna, gourmet meals, fully-equipped gym, game room, luxurious accommodations, etc., promote physical and mental wellbeing and promote healing and recovery. We are one of the finest mental health facilities in Utah with highly effective treatments and therapies.

Tips for choosing a mental health facility

It is important to choose a licensed mental health facility with comfortable accommodation and all the essential amenities to help you focus on treatment. Check the credentials and experience of a facility’s staff team as they play a crucial role in each patients’ recovery.

Check the online reviews on a mental health facility; see what the past patients’ have to say about their treatment, therapies, and medical care. Most importantly, be sure to join a facility that specializes in treating your specific mental illness to garner the best treatment outcome.

Evidence-based mental health modalities

We use a variety of evidence-based treatments to treat a wide array of mental disorders and addiction problems. Some of the modalities that we use include:

  • Serenity BioSound Lounge - This therapy leverages cutting edge technology in holistic addiction treatment methods to help patients overcome withdrawal symptoms, pain, and emotional trauma. It also improves mental wellbeing, mindfulness, and awareness in patients.
  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) - This is a highly effective treatment approach that helps treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and a variety of other mental health issues. It helps patients attain emotional stability and helps them overcome mood-related problems. We offer this therapy in combination with professional counseling, meditation, and other holistic therapies to help patients overcome their mental health problems.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - It helps patients address their problematic thoughts and feelings and plays an integral role in the treatment of anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. It helps individuals battling mental illnesses find and establish connections between their thoughts, actions, and feelings and enables them to increase awareness of how these things can affect their wellbeing.

Do not let your mental illness control you anymore! Seek help from Maple Mountain Recovery today. Call 801-499-9316 or visit for more details. We are one of the leading mental health facilities in Utah with individualized treatments and first-class facilities.

Mental Health Facilities Utah
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Mental Health Facilities Utah
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