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Wisdom Tooth Removal Calgary

Wisdom Tooth Removal Calgary

The wisdom teeth are also what we call the third molars and tend to show up between 16 and 25. Wisdom teeth are not as fancy and comforting as they sound because they are the first to get infections and easily become impacted by cysts and cavities. It is important to get third molars removed as soon as they show signs of damage or eruptions because crowded teeth are two times worse than any problem you can experience with one.

Removing wisdom teeth

Contrary to popular belief, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed as customary for people in their mid-twenties. However, there are instances when you have to get rid of them to keep a healthy mouth and prevent infections to other teeth. Some dentists think they should be removed if they do not fully develop, while others say it is good to remove them as soon as they start sprouting.

Most patients who have troublesome wisdom teeth usually have several other issues like cysts, decay, gum illness, and crowding, among other complications. We combine several different exams and diagnoses to determine the shape and state of the teeth so we know whether to remove them. Here is why we think you should remove the wisdom teeth with an oral surgeon in Calgary.

Benefits of removing Calgary wisdom teeth removal

It helps to know that it is easy to ignore wisdom teeth because they are hidden and do not cause any visible issues. We make sure to reduce the complications that come with the teeth and restore your mouth for healthy gums, jaw, and teeth. Here are a few key benefits of removing wisdom teeth.

Reduce inflammation

The last molars are more apt to infections because they are so crowded that they accumulate more bacteria. Recent studies show that having a crowded space around the area creates a perfect breeding ground for these infections and dramatically increases the chances of several health hazards.

Improve alignment

The teeth around the wisdom teeth can suffer misalignment when there are too many wisdom teeth. We recommend getting them removed so you can prevent crooked teeth that unravel into many different dental works and years of unnecessary expenses to repair bone loss, cavities, and misalignment.

Improve cleanliness

An impacted wisdom tooth is not easy to clean and can easily lead to various dental issues if you do not get oral surgery in Calgary. You want wisdom teeth removal to help brush and floss because you have enough space to get all around the hidden areas. You will be able to target the plaque and cavities forming in between the teeth, so you have the best dental hygiene and fewer visits for professional cleaning and extractions.

People who get their wisdom teeth that hurt removed at the first sign of issues have reduced chances of periodontal illness and irritated gums. In fact, people say that prompt removal tends to take away a lot of pressure from the mouth and give an instantly better feeling because there is less pressure on the jaw and gums.

Many individuals report problems with their teeth long after many issues have brewed under the surface. Speak with our professional dental expert if you have any concerns, so we can make it possible for you to get the best dental health and wisdom teeth removal in Calgary services.


Wisdom Tooth Removal Calgary
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Wisdom Tooth Removal Calgary
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