At Absolute Dentistry, we like to follow up with our patients to ensure that their visit has met their expectations. We also like to assess how we are performing. Below are some dental reviews from our patient follow-ups (and the internet):


Yesterday I had a tooth extraction. Not fun. Endured two abscess experiences on that tooth and was in extreme pain. For emergency work the soonest my (now previous) dentist could take me in was in three weeks. Dr. Stobbe took me in within an hour. I was greeted and taken through the 1st visit processes quickly, efficiently, and professionally in a very friendly manner by both office and dental staff. Dr. Stobbe assessed, discussed my options, explained what he was going to do and removed the molar – with the least amount of pain I’ve ever had in a dental chair! From the time of requesting the appointment to when I was home from the appointment was 2 hours! Yesterday was the first time I ever shook a dentists hand and said thank you after the work – mostly because he made the experience about Me – not him/his office. I am now a very happy new patient of Dr. Stobbe! 

(from RateMDs)

Dr. Stobbe has always been very compassionate and knowledgeable. He is very gentle and is the only dentist I have been able to get my wife to go to. His staff has been consistent and friendly.

(from RateMDs)

I have the complete opposite experience of the other reviewer. I have NEVER had a problem with the front staff. They are friendly and offer a very easy reminder system for appointments as well. I use Lois for dental cleanings and she has been wonderful. Dr. Stobbe has been great as well. Plus, he does not push procedures that are not necessary. I had two cracked fillings and thought I might need crowns but he replaced them with a new filling and I have had no further problems. I would recommend this dental office. 

(from RateMDs)

honest patient..anesthetic doesn’t hurt..good people skills

(from RateMDs)


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