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Jaw problems can be the source of significant pain and discomfort for many people.

If you experience pain from your jaw joint, also known as TMJ or TMD, Absolute Dentistry may be able to help.

What is a Bad Bite?

A “bad bite” or what is technically referred to as malocclusion may contribute to TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). In other words, when your teeth are misaligned they may put an added strain on the head and neck muscles, joints and teeth. When your muscles are overloaded, they compensate by constantly contracting. These contractions lead to muscle spasm, pain, soreness. This can result in a headache, jaw pain, or pounding/crushing pain. This can also lead to neck and back issues, as your body tries to compensate.

By evaluating you from your feet to your head, we’ll do our best to determine the cause of your symptoms and treat your pain accordingly, or work with the right healthcare providers to get you the best results possible. Headaches and jaw pain can be something simple, or something complex. Understanding the cause can help determine this.

Why You need a comfortable bite

If you are diagnosed with a ‘Bad Bite’ or TMJ/TMD we often start treatment by fitting you with a temporary stabilization appliance, also known as a nightguard. This oral appliance will help determine the cause of your issues and help to understand the prognosis, or if we need to dig a little deeper.

Once we have a diagnosis, we will begin to correct the cause in the most conservative way possible. This could mean we need to create a team of healthcare providers around you. An open mind often allows us to see where the problem is coming from … and sometimes it is not dental! Identifying the cause is the most important step. Regardless of whom you choose to see, an accurate diagnosis is critical.