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Our Okotoks Denture Professionals are Committed to Your Oral Health And Wellness.

Our Okotoks Dentures combine durability with natural aesthetics to create an ideal option for replacing missing teeth.

What are Dentures?

Dentures (also known as false teeth) are prosthetic teeth worn by those who have lost their natural teeth through injury or illness. There are many different types of dentures designed to address a variety of dental situations. Dentures may be removable or implant-supported, and they may replace teeth on the lower mandibular arch or the upper maxillary arch.

Okotoks Dentures are custom-designed to fit each patient’s mouth. Poorly made dentures can cause significant discomfort and erode the gums and bones of the jaw, leading to greater oral problems. We work with you to design Dentures that will meet your needs and expectations.

Okotoks Full Dentures

Full Dentures are the most common denture appliances made. After the affected teeth are removed, a full denture can be crafted to fit either the upper arch, lower arch, or both. The upper denture has a pink denture base that extends across the roof of the mouth to create suction and help keep the denture in place.  The lower denture is U-shaped and is designed to fit snugly along the bottom ridge of the jaw.

The term “false teeth” concerns a lot of people. However, we take every step to ensure that your dentures look as natural as possible.  Innovations in replacement tooth design have come a long way in making the false teeth look incredibly natural.  Also, since the loss of teeth may have resulted in the loss of support for your lips, cheeks, and facial muscles, your new full denture will help fill out the shape of your face and instantly improve your smile!

Okotoks Partial Dentures

Patients who are missing one or more teeth, benefit from removable partial dentures to reestablish the function of their mouth. Partial dentures are made from durable materials that resemble gum tissue and missing teeth. The metal framework is designed to clip onto the remaining natural teeth to hold the denture securely in place.

Partial dentures are recommended to:

  • Replace your missing teeth
  • Restore your ability to chew foods more naturally, and with confidence
  • Make it possible for you to eat many of your preferred foods again
  • Maintain a healthier, more attractive mouth
  • Preserve your remaining natural teeth
  • Prevent and treat problems related to the jaw joint (TMJ)
  • Improve speech
  • Develop a more attractive, confident smile
  • Support your facial structures for a more youthful appearance
  • Enhance your overall self-esteem

Why we replace missing teeth

Replacing missing teeth is important for some reasons. The obvious reasons include chewing and improved speech. What most people do not realize is your teeth support your lips and cheeks and are a factor in your facial structures. When you are missing teeth, your facial features will often change because the teeth are no longer there to support these structures. When teeth are missing, you are also at risk of losing bone. Wearing Dentures helps to improve the appearance of a patient who has lost his or her natural teeth by supporting these facial structures.

Who is a candidate for dentures?

If you’ve lost – or are losing – all of your teeth, a complete denture set is something to discuss with your Absolute Dentistry dentist. If some of your teeth remain and are healthy, a partial denture may be your way to a great smile.

An Implant Supported Denture is another option for patients who may have difficulty with traditional dentures.

The best option for you will be discussed during your denture consultation. In some cases, Implant Supported Dentures may not be an ideal choice. Several personal and medical factors are taken into consideration before the final treatment plan is decided.

If you are interested in learning about the Denture options that are best for you, please contact our office.